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Lemon Demon Merch is the official merchandise for Lemon Demon fans. We are #1 Lemon Demon Apparel & Collectibles. 

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If you are a fan of Lemon Demon, then you will love this Lemon Demon t-shirt. It is made from high-quality material that is both comfortable and stylish. The trendy design is essential for any fan’s wardrobe. Whether you are looking for something to wear or just to show your support, this t-shirt is a great choice.

  • Standard color, accurate design
  • Cotton blend material, comfy and breathable
  • Eight sizes from S to 5XL
  • International shipping available
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Welcome to Lemon Demon Store – An Official Lemon Demon Merch

This is for all Lemon Demon fans who are looking to show their love for the popular band – Lemon Demon. Lemon Demon is a musical project and band formed by American comedian and musician Neil Cicierega in 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts. Most of Lemon Demon’s music is performed only by Cicierega, the only official member of the project. Lemon Demon fashion has been an inspiration to many people for a long time. At our official Lemon Demon Merch Store we have a wide variety of Joji inspired items ranging from Lemon Demon Bedding Sets, Lemon Demon Posters, Lemon Demon Backpacks, Lemon Demon Phone Cases, Lemon Demon Pillow to the Lemon Demon Clothing line includes: Lemon Demon T-shirts, Lemon Demon Jackets, Lemon Demon Masks,…

You won’t find anywhere else selling all the Lemon Demon related items and accessories as much as we do. You are free to explore our product catalog, you will like as much as possible.

Why should you choose Lemon Demon T-shirt or Hoodie?

Lemon Demon is a live band. Lemon Demon has been active since 2003, so far, he has a large fan base. So everything Lemon Demon related is felt by many creators who are curious about this band’s style, life and more. Lemon Demon fans are finding Lemon Demon-inspired pieces everywhere, especially T-shirts and hoodies.

Many famous fashion brands have adopted the Lemon Demon style and created their own clothing collections. Here, we’re just trying to make it easier to bring collections to people around the world.

An Official Lemon Demon Merch Store – Our Collection.

Our official Lemon Demon Merchandise is the perfect place to shop for Lemon Demon Goods in a variety of sizes and styles. You can order t-shirts, hoodies, leggings or pillows, mugs much more, anything you can think of can be included in our catalog

What is your favorite Lemon Demon product? We invite you to explore the products at our Lemon Demon Merch Store to find the right one for you. You can rest assured to purchase and choose to pay with payment methods trusted by the most reputable sources. Includes: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card (including but not limited to Visa, Mastercard, American Express). In particular, we always prioritize order checking, so no matter what country you are in, you can order anything on this website, we will deliver fast and free worldwide.

Any problems you have with payment, long delivery or damaged products, please contact us at

Lemon Demon Official Merch Store Mission!

Our mission is to create the most favorable conditions for fans and the community to not have to search too much on the internet. We are committed that customer satisfaction always comes first, treat our customers with the utmost respect and provide them with the highest quality service they deserve.

Our entire website is designed to engage customers and make their shopping experience as comfortable as possible so that they can always find what they are looking for. Our customer support is always available to assist Lemon Demon fans with any questions that may arise.

Who is Lemon Demon?

Lemon Demon is Neil Cicierega’s second major musical project, after he moved on from Trapezoid/Deporitaz. Stylistically, Lemon Demon has differed from Deporitaz in that Lemon Demon has mostly vocal tracks, while Deporitaz had mostly (but not exclusively, in its later days) instrumentals. Also, Deporitaz tracks were primarily arranged using synthesis and sound fonts; while these are still common in Lemon Demon, it makes more use of real recorded instruments such as guitar, accordion and keytar.
In live performances, Lemon Demon consists of Neil Cicierega on vocals and keyboard, Alora Lanzillotta on bass guitar, Chooch on guitar, Greg Lanzillotta on drums, and occasionally Dave Kitzberg on guitar and backing vocals. In early years, the drums used to be prerecorded and played by Professor iPod until an actual drummer was recruited for live performances by the name of Tony Wry. Tony Wry would then quit the band in November 2008 to move to Detroit. Alora’s brother, Greg Lanzillotta would later take his place for later performances. Lemon Demon’s live performances have mostly been at open mics and have also included a performance at Neil’s sister’s wedding and performances, one at Awesomefest 2006, and several on Neil’s sporadic internet radio show, Hooray Radio.

Since 2003, Cicierega has released seven full-length albums as Lemon Demon. In 2005, he and animator Shawn Vulliez released a Flash animated music video called “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” on Newgrounds. This had over 12 million views on Newgrounds as well as topping the “Funny Five” on The Dr. Demento Show for several weeks and becoming the No. 1 Request for 2006. The song was later included in the 2006 album Dinosaurchestra. In April 2009, Cicierega released his first four albums as free downloads on his website. An updated recording of “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” was released to the Rock Band Network in 2010.

In January 2016, Cicierega announced Spirit Phone, a full-length Lemon Demon album released on February 29, 2016. The album was the No. 1 best-selling album on Bandcamp for the first week of its release. On July 10, 2018, it was announced that copies of the album on CD, cassette, and vinyl would be sold through Needlejuice Records, who would later distribute remastered versions of Lemon Demon’s EPs I Am Become Christmas, Nature Tapes and the album View-Monster. Touch-Tone Telephone became Lemon Demon’s most played song, the first to surpass The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and, as of June 2021, garnering over 21 million plays on Spotify.

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