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From ‘All We Know Is Falling’ to ‘After Laughter’: Paramore’s Discography Ranked

Paramore, the American rock band formed in 2004, has experienced a dynamic evolution in both their music and band lineup. Their discography showcases a journey through various genres and personal growth, reflected in the changing tones and themes of their albums. Here, we’ll rank their major releases, from their debut “All We Know Is Falling” to their latest work, “After Laughter,” exploring the unique qualities of each album and highlighting their impact on the band’s career and fanbase.

1. Riot! (2007)

“Riot!” is often considered Paramore’s magnum opus. This sophomore album catapulted them to mainstream success with its high-energy, emo-pop anthems. Tracks like “Misery Business,” “That’s What You Get,” and “crushcrushcrush” became defining songs of the 2000s pop-punk scene. The raw emotion and youthful angst encapsulated in this album resonate with many fans, making it a cornerstone of Paramore’s discography.

2. Brand New Eyes (2009)

Following the success of “Riot!,” “Brand New Eyes” showcases a more mature and introspective side of Paramore. The album delves into themes of personal conflict and self-discovery, reflecting the band’s internal struggles. Songs like “The Only Exception,” “Ignorance,” and “Brick by Boring Brick” highlight Hayley Williams’ lyrical depth and the band’s evolving sound. This album solidified their place in the rock genre while demonstrating their ability to tackle complex emotional narratives.

3. After Laughter (2017)

“After Laughter” marks a significant departure from Paramore’s earlier, heavier rock sound, embracing a more new-wave and synth-pop influence. The album’s vibrant, colorful aesthetic contrasts with its often melancholic and introspective lyrics, exploring themes of depression, anxiety, and the façade of happiness. Standout tracks include “Hard Times,” “Rose-Colored Boy,” and “Fake Happy.” This bold reinvention received critical acclaim for its honest and relatable content, proving the band’s versatility and growth.

4. Paramore (2013)

The self-titled album “Paramore” represents a period of rebirth for the band. After the departure of founding members Josh and Zac Farro, the remaining members pushed forward, experimenting with a broader range of styles. The album features hit singles like “Still Into You” and “Ain’t It Fun,” the latter earning Paramore their first Grammy Award. This diverse album, with its mix of rock, pop, and funk influences, underscores the band’s resilience and adaptability.

5. All We Know Is Falling (2005)

Paramore’s debut album, “All We Know Is Falling,” introduced the world to their energetic brand of emo and pop-punk. While not as polished as their later works, it features the raw talent and emotional intensity that would become hallmarks of their music. Songs like “Pressure,” “Emergency,” and “All We Know” hint at the potential that Paramore would later fulfill. This album holds a special place for fans as the beginning of the band’s journey.

6. The Summer Tic EP (2006)

Though not a full-length album, “The Summer Tic EP” deserves mention for its role in bridging the gap between “All We Know Is Falling” and “Riot!” With songs like “Stuck on You” and “Temporary,” this EP captures the youthful spirit and evolving sound of the band during their early years. It’s a cherished piece among fans and provides insight into the band’s development.

The Paramore Store

An essential aspect of Paramore’s connection with their fanbase is their official merchandise outlet, the Paramore Store. This store not only sells music and apparel but also serves as a hub for fans to access exclusive content and limited-edition items. Over the years, it has evolved from simply offering band t-shirts and CDs to a curated collection that reflects the band’s changing aesthetics and themes. From the vibrant, tropical vibes of “After Laughter” to the nostalgic punk designs reminiscent of “Riot!,” the Paramore Store allows fans to celebrate their favorite albums and eras through a variety of unique and stylish merchandise.


Paramore’s discography is a testament to their ability to grow and adapt over time. Each album represents a different phase in their musical journey, from the raw energy of “All We Know Is Falling” to the introspective and polished sounds of “After Laughter.” The Paramore Store continues to be a significant part of their identity, fostering a sense of community and connection with fans. Through their evolving sound and consistent engagement, Paramore remains a beloved and influential force in the music world.


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